Zendaya – From Euphoria To 1st Emmy Nominations

Zendaya has caught the attention of people globally with her outstanding performance in HBO’s drama, ‘Euphoria’. The 23 year old actress has not just won the hearts of so many fans but also of the television industry. So much so that she has already earned her first nomination in the Emmy for best actress under drama series category.

She is competing with talented actresses like Jennifer Aniston (who’s also nominated for the first time), and Laura Linney for ‘Ozark’. She is also up against the very talented Olivia Colman who’s nominated for her groundbreaking performance in ‘The Crown’. And of course, not to forget the ‘Killing Eve’ stars Sandrah Oh and Jodie Comer, who will be giving a tough challenge to Zendaya.


However, to stand against such talented stars at such a young age is bit of an achievement in itself. Zendaya already has our respect and we are truly rooting for her.

Zendaya in Euphoria


Euphoria is a show about a 17 year old girl, Rue (played by Zendaya), who has just returned from drug rehabilitation centre. Rue has absolutely no intention of staying clean. She attend McKay’s party and there she meets Jules, who is new in town. McKay is interested in Cassie whereas Nate and Maddy, ex-lovers, are trying to make each other jealous.

Rue feels her friendship is real with Jules and tries to stay clean for her sake. However, looking at Rue struggle, Jules starts to feel guilty. Jules is also trying to work her relationship with the online guy and seeks Rue’s help. Maddy and Nate are caught by the cops while Rue tries to figure out her bond with Jules and feels depressed ultimately.


East Highland holds a winter formals by the end of the series and the girls try to have a good time. However, the show takes a dramatic turn when the characters decide to confront other people for their actions and feelings.

Euphoria Season 2

Euphoria season 1 received great response from the critics and the audience. Zendaya and her performance was amazing and people absolutely loved it. However, there were some criticism about the extent of nudity that seemed irrelevant many a times. Overall, the show ended at a great cliffhanger.

We know from Euphoria season 1 that Zendaya has ditched her plan of eloping with Jules, even though they had confessed their love. Jules is on the train alone and Zendaya is at her home, snorting a line of drugs. The series ending shows the vulnerability of both, Zendaya and Jules. The audience would definitely want to know what happens next with the two of them.


Also, there are other strong characters in the series like that of Nate. His dynamics with his father, Cal, is yet to be explored more. Cassie and McKay’s relationship has also taken a sharp turn with Cassie terminating her pregnancy. Also, Maddy’s problems with his dealer are still in unclear situation. We hope to get the answers we have been looking for in Euphoria Season 2 soon.

Who is Zendaya


Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996 in Oakland, California. The young and talented actress comes from a theatrical background and has been interested in acting ever since a kid. Zendaya captured the attention of audience for the time with her performance in Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’. She has shared the screen with Bella Thorne and the stars became a teenage sensation overnight.

She has starred in projects like ‘A.N.T. Farm’, ‘Good Luck Charlie’, and ‘Frenemies’. She has also competed in shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’. But, she didn’t like the experience as she identifies herself more as a hip-hop dancer.


Zendaya changed her image completely with ‘Euphoria’ by convincing people that she’s a great pick for drama too!

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