YouTuber fractures skull while performing stunt at a Texas Bridge

A YouYuber fractured his skull while performing a stunt which involved him jumping into a river from atop a Texas bridge last week.

Last Monday, YouTuber Saa Fomba recorded himself performing the stunt at Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge. The video was posted onto his YouTube channel on Friday after spending several days in the hospital.

In the footage you can see the young man performing the dangerous stunt.

“Hopefully this video will motivate you to chase after your dreams,” Fomba said to the camera. “I don’t see no fun in living a normal life.”

Fomba was pulled out from the water by a boater and was later seen lying on the shore until medical help arrived.

Later in the video, Fomba updates his followers about his health from the hospital.

“This is day three in the hospital. I can walk … I fractured part of my skull,” he said.

It is still unclear if he will be charged with any criminal charges for his act or not.  

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