Here’s Why We Need More Women-Centric Horror Movies Made By Women

Let’s admit it, majority of horror movies have a great deal to with women. Women in these movies are the ones who need saving or the ones from whom you need to save yourself from. Sometimes they are the supporters and advocates of the devils themselves. Whether it is to make the protagonist look heroic or create a love angle, women are necessary in horror movies.

What makes it even more interesting, is when women take control of the camera in this specific genre. In the recent times, women filmmakers who have given us some wonderful horror movies, have also given us a lot to think about. Real horror does not just lie in the superficial surface but inside us as well.


‘Amulet’ by Romola Garai is one example that has beautifully captured the anxiety and horror residing inside a woman. The movie shows the naive woman struggling from PTSD. The scene of giving birth a bat-like creature represents the fear of child birth wonderfully.

Another great example is ‘Shirley’ by Josephine Decker. Shirley, played by Elizabeth Moss, is a victim but also a hero. She’s subdued yet manipulative in her own way. Karyn Kusuma’s ‘Jennifer’s Body, makes a great watch and so does ‘The Babadook’ by Jennifer Kent. These movies allow humans to look deep within themselves and confront their greatest fears.

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