Will Smith special Responds To the Entanglement Joke – Get Serious or Get Blocked

Will Smith is one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. Whatever he does, whatever he says, becomes international headlines. So, it was obvious that when his marriage got surrounded by external troubles, it made it to the headlines too.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith married in 1997 and are in the due course of celebrating 23 years of marriage. But, as not all marriages are smooth, Will Smith and Jada Smith also had to face some troubles in paradise.

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It all started with singer August Alsina opening up about his affair with Jada. The ‘Entangled’ singer did not shy away from revealing all the dirty details of their affair and had some harsh truths to declare about the Smiths’ marriage.

The entire sensation was caught by the media and the fans and when a fan decided to troll Will Smith regarding the same, the actor didn’t humor his whim.

Will Smith Responds To the Joke

Recently, Will Smith updated a video on his Instagram account. In the video, he is seen jumping ropes but instead of placing the camera anywhere in the front, he placed it on the rope. He captioned it saying that he’d like to see what rope saw while people jumped. The video was fun and so were the comments except for one. One user commented jokingly saying that Will Smith should be careful and not get ‘entangled’.

The actor was in no mood to take such a joke! He replied to the user and said that he has to admit that the comment is funny. But he also added that he is going to block him now. Well, the comment of Will Smith was neither aggressive nor passive but he sure knew to put people in their rightful place. And just to be clear, the Bad Boys actor is no mood to take any joke on his wife and their personal life.

August Alsina & Jada Smith Affair


The whole rumor of August and Jada’s rumor caught fire in 2019 when he released the remix of ‘Nunya’. The video of the song caught everyone’s attention as it featured a scene where Alsina was chatting with a girl named Koren (Jada’s middle name). If that was not subtle enough, then Alsina made it crystal clear when he dropped Jada’s GIF in the middle of the conversation.

The lyrics of the song also has a lot to say when you listen carefully – ‘you’re an actress putting on a show ‘cause you don’t want the world to know that you lost a man who loved you all along.’ Though he denied any relation of his song with Jada, the fans knew better.

Later, in an interview to promote his new album, ‘The Product III: State of Emergency’, he confirmed his affair with the actress. He said that Will Smith and Jada had an open marriage and he discussed his intentions with Will Smith from the start. Not just that, he even said that Will Smith gave him his blessing! He had nothing bad to say about the experience. He said he was truly in love and he learned a lot from the affair.

Jada Smith Confesses


This July, Jada Smith finally opened up about all the rumors and confessed her affair with August Alsina. She said that she and Will Smith were facing a rough time in their marriage and that’s when august came into her life. He was facing disease and just needed a good friend. One thing led to another and before they knew, they got really close. She said she got ‘entangled’ with the singer. Hence, the inspiration for August to make the song – Entanglements.

A lot of celebrities had something to say about the matter. 50 Cents, who have something to say about everything, uploaded a screenshot of his chat with Will Smith, taking a dig at the situation. The co-host of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne tha God, expressed that he thinks Jada is completely wrong in the situation.


He said that August is a very young man and Jada took advantage of his distressed situation only to make herself feel better. If you go into the ‘Entanglements’ lyrics, who will hear something similar – ‘that ain’t my girl by I got the key to the crib and to the car… you left your man just to f**k with me and break his heart.’

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