Who Is Will Reeve &Why Is He Obsessed With Not Wearing Pants?

Will Reeve is an ABC reporter, who is home quarantining just like the millions of us. If it makes us feel any better, we would like certain things of this quarantine to stay the same way, aka remove-pants-forever. While we can only wish for it, Will Reeve took the notion a bit too seriously (we aren’t blaming him).

He appeared on-screen during the GMA segment without wearing pants! Yes you heard it absolutely right! The incident was hilarious and we are here to tell you what exactly happened.

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We all are quarantining in different ways. Some are learning how to cook and some are brushing up their baking skills. Some of us are leisurely spending time reading, meditating, and indulging in creative work.


And, some of us are still working, but from home. While there are many of us who are quarantining in different manners, there’s one thing common – we are wearing ONLY what makes us comfortable. In simpler terms, we are so not wearing pants!

Will Reeve Without Pants

Work from home calls can be disastrous and who can know that better than Will Reeve, who appeared during a live segment on television in JUST his suit jacket?! Admit it, we all have been making mistakes since work from home video calls became such a norm.


Not muting your end of the call during video conference meetings is one of the many common examples. And o-m-g, talk about the embarrassment you face when you’re called out by your boss specifically to mute your call!

And how about the funny plus embarrassing moment when you are video-bombed by your little kids? Those video clips have become the internet sensation ever since the world quarantined.

We love it how those little kids, who like the most carefree souls in the world, appear in front of the camera while their parents are busy. They talk about the most irrelevant things like they are the most important things in the world – it’s so adorable! Will Reeve is the victim of one of the similar errors of judgment.

Will Reeve is working as his own cameraman temporarily as he is working from home. During a Good Morning America live interview, he dressed up in a handsome blue-colored suit jacket. He, quite understandably, did not wear any pants. Well, things could have been normal but Will made a silly mistake – he miscalculated the angle of his webcam.

The camera angle clearly showed that Will Reeve is without pants and that gave the audience a field day. Twitter exploded with people tweeting jokes and memes and Will. But, Will was as sporting as ever. He explained that he was ready for post-GMA workout and did not see that situation coming. Twitteratis applauded him and related completely to his situation.


Even the ABC anchor, George Stephanopoulos, said that he has been doing the same and not wearing pants underneath the suit. Thankfully, Will Reeve cleared to his audience that he at least wearing short beneath the suit.

Who is Will Reeve?

will reeve

Will Reeve is an ABC reporter, who started his career as a sports reporter. Will has also performed in movies like ‘The Gloaming’, ‘The Brooke Ellison Story’, and ‘Everyone’s Hero’. Will is the son of the famous late actor, Christopher Reeve. Christopher is famous for playing the role of Superman.

Christopher, after an accident suffered paralysis in 1995 and died of cardiac arrest in 2004. Will lost his mother just 2 years later with cancer. Will lost both his parents at an extremely young age but turned out to be a very impressive man, who has definitely made his parents proud.

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