Who Won The Voice Season 18? Here’s A Season Recap Bonus

Who Won The Voice
Who Won The Voice Season 18

Here’s the billion-dollar question that everyone wants an answer to – who won The Voice season 18? The answer is – Todd Tilghman. The Voice is an American singing reality show that gives a platform to unknown but highly talented singers like Todd. The series first premiered in 2011 on NBC. The Voice season 18 was a massive hit and premiered in February 2020. The season had too many changes in its usual format due to the pandemic but the audience finally got its long-awaited winner on May 19, 2020.

Who’s Todd Tilghman Who Won The Voice Season 18

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Todd is a 42-year-old singer and is the oldest winner (age is just a number guys) in the show’s entire history. The position was earlier held by Josh Kaufman, the winner of The Voice season 6. Interestingly, Todd was also the first contestant in the season to audition in the Blind Auditions round! It is the first time that the first contestant of the season won the show. Todd chose the song ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ to impress the four judges and boy, did he impress them!

All the four judges selected him by pressing the ‘I WANT YOU’ button and Todd finally went to team Blake Shelton. Todd, who won The Voice season 18, also marks the seventh win of coach Blake Shelton on the show. Hence we can say, both Todd and Blake were lucky for each other.

Todd Tilghman hails from the city of Meridian, Mississippi. He’s a pastor and worked for Cornerstone Church, Meridian. Tilghman had been singing since the young age of 8. He started singing in the church choir and continued his passion that finally led him to his stardom in 2020. Todd Tilghman is married to his high school sweetheart, Brooke, and together they have eight amazing children. Eagan Tilghman is the eldest son of Todd, who won The Voice season 18. He was a contestant at NBC’s other show ‘Making It’ that features talented craftsmen.

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Todd, who won The Voice season 18, sang his original song ‘Long Way Home’ during the live finale on May 18, 2020. He sang John Mellencamp’s ‘Authority Song’ along with Blake Shelton on May 19, 2020, as his finale song. Todd’s genre of singing is generally Country, Classic Rock, Christian, and Gospel music. Todd received an immense amount of love from the folks of his town. An entire section of Meridian Star was dedicated to the winner’s advertisement and a parade was held for his welcome. Todd, who won The Voice season 18, made his city extremely proud and the show once again made sure to acknowledge the hidden talents of the country.

The Voice Season 18 – Format, Coaches & Hosts


The Voice season 18 had a panel of four coaches. Blake Shelton returned for his eighteenth season, Kelly Clarkson returned for her fifth season, and John Legend returned for his third season. A new name was added to The Voice’s panel of coaches in season 18 – Nick Jonas. Nick replaced Gwen Stefani who had been a recurring coach on the show. Carson Daly, like every other season, hosted The Voice season 18 as well.

It was the first time that the finalists and the coaches performed from their homes and not from The Voice’s studio. The reason being the obvious – the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the finale of the show was still as mesmerizing and memorable as ever. The season finale witnessed many guests’ performances. Pete Townshend performed ‘Let My Love Open the Door’ with the contestants. Shakira and CeeLo Green, who are also former coaches of the show, also made an appearance.

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The night went crazy when the Jonas Brothers performed their latest song ‘X’ and when Lady Antebellum performed ‘Champagne Night’. Blake and Gwen Stefani also performed for the finale and it was truly, truly memorable to watch these former lovers sing together. The final and epic performance of the night was Bon Jovi.

Todd Tilghman, who won The Voice season 18, competed with Thunderstorm Artis, CammWess, Toneisha Harris, and Micah Iverson in the finale.

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