Who Is Robin Givens & What She Says About Her Affair With Brad Pitt?

Robin Givens is an American model, actress, and television personality. She married Mike Tyson in 1988. Robin Givens and Mike Tyson had a very rocky relationship and there were too many ups and downs in their short span of marriage. One of the main ones being her alleged affair with Brad Pitt. Mike Tyson even openly accused her of having the affair while Robin openly denied all such allegations.

Robin Givens had been making headlines with her relationships and affairs from the very start. Her personal life has been in tabloids and a source of gossip for people forever. Let’s take a closer look at Robin Givens and her personal life.

Robin Givens & Brad Pitt


Robin Givens and Brad Pitt had an affair. None of them accepted their affair earlier but in recent interviews, Robin accepted that she had a short-termed relationship with the Fight Club actor ‘long, long ago’. Her affair had started quite a controversy back in the day as Mike Tyson said that his then-wife was having an extramarital affair with Brad and he had caught them on the bed.

Mike said in an interview that he saw Robin and Brad in the car in their parking lot and later found them together on the bed. They were not caught ‘in the act’ but before that. This was the phase when Robin and Mike were going through their divorce.


Mike said that Robin seemed perplexed and worried finding Mike at the scenario whereas Brad seemed a little relaxed but asked Mike not to hit him. Robin, as obvious, denied all such allegations. She said that Mike might have seen them together in the car as they were friends but there was no such ‘bed’ moment.

Robin Givens Career

Robin Givens started her career very early in life but unfortunately, she never got a breakthrough. She completed her acting course and wanted to become a successful actress but the turbulence in her personal life took a toll on the budding actress’s professional life. Givens gave her audience a remarkable performance in Head of the Class. She played the role of Darlene Merriman for 5 years since 1986.


After her divorce, she became the spokesperson for National Domestic Violence Hotline. She has appeared in movies and series like The Women of Brewster Place, Boomerang, Sparks, The Game, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Chuck, Riverdale, and Katy Keene. She has also hosted Forgive or Forget and authored her autobiography, Grace Will Lead Me Home.

Robin Givens & Mike Tyson


Robin Givens started dating Mike Tyson in 1987. The couple had a chemistry between them and wanted to take their relationship forward. Though that does not mean that was no red flag. In fact, there were red flags all over. Mike and Robin married in 1988. Sadly, Robin suffered a miscarriage in the very same year. That marked as the downfall of their relationship. Robin filed for a divorce in 1988 citing spousal abuse. Robin Givens claimed that Mike Tyson had been physically abusing her since even before their marriage.

In a joint interview with Mike, Robin went as far as saying that her life with Tyson is complete torture and she feels like she’s living in hell. She said that her relationship is worse than anything she can ever imagine. Mike denied all such allegations.


Though in his biography, he allegedly wrote that he had punched Robin and it had been the best punch of his life. Mike said all such reports were fake. He, on the other hand, said that Robin used him for money. Robin bought a million-dollar residence out of Mike’s money and because they had not signed any prenup, Mike paid her around $10 million. Robin Given denied receiving even a single dime from her ex-husband.

Robin Givens, before Mike, was also involved with Eddie Murphy and Michael Jordon. She confirmed recently that she dated Brad Pitt after getting divorced.

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