Who Is 20yo Gracie Abrams Who Could Be The Next Lorde?

Admit it, we all have dreamed of something extraordinary happening in our lives. To get discovered like Mia Thermopolis and realize that we are actually a real princess! Well, at the end of the day we drop such fantasies because frankly, everyone cannot be Anne Hathaway. However, not in the Gracie Abrams, who has just been discovered by Lorde!

The 21-year-old has been releasing her music for six months now but posting snippets on her Instagram handle for quite some time. Her feed is full of the usual memes, selfies, and motivational posts for her 350k plus followers – out of which is none other than, Lorde.

She commented on one of the music snippets of Gracie, asking her to send the original mp3 of it. Gracie said in an interview that it was unreal for her as she’s such a huge fan of the New Zealand’s pop icon. The ‘Pure Heroine’ singer must have connected to the relatable music of Gracie’s that’s intimate and personal.

‘Pure Heroine’ producer, Joe Little, also felt the compelled and collaborated with Gracie’s next album, ‘Minor’s’ ’21’. Gracie has co-written ’21’ with Grammy-winner Sarah Aarons. The duo also worked on the new release, ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’. Gracie says that writing such intense songs is her way to vent out her emotions.

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