Vanessa Bryant Responds To Her Mother’s Hurtful Interview

Vanessa Bryant’s mother, Sofia Laine, gave an interview to Univision and made some shocking revelations. She said that her daughter kicked her out of the house and took away the car she used. Vanessa replied to the hurtful claims and she was more than disappointed with her mother’s interview.

She told to PEOPLE during an interview that she cannot come to terms with the fact that her mother chose to go on an interview and cry about a car and house. Vanessa had recently lost her husband, basketball player Kobe Bryant, and daughter, Gianna, in a plane crash. She questioned the audacity of her mother who chose this moment to cry about properties that not even in her name!

She reveals that her mother had never been present for her and her family even during the times of crisis. In fact, Vanessa says that her mother has emptied her bank accounts and removed all the diamonds and furniture to the storage space. And, she did all of that just to appear vulnerable and like a victim.

However, Vanessa says that the reality is far from the truth. She says that she and her late husband had been financially supporting her mother since the past 20 years. Moreover, she still supports her financially in addition to her monthly maintenance. She hopes that her mother stops creating such stunts in the future.

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