Danica Dow Will Might Have To Quit Vanderpump Rules – Costars Want Her Out!

If it were left up to the costars of ‘Vanderpump Rules’, Danica Dow would be out by now. The star has very limited number of days left on the show and all thanks to her recent controversy. Apparently, her violent behavior with ex-boyfriend Brett Willis has got all her colleagues concerned.

Brett Willis has accused Danica Dow of violent behavior and abuse. While there case is still not settled, the costars think that the allegations might just be true. According to sources, Donica has shown pretty volatile behavior on the sets of Vanderpump Rules. They unanimously think that she’s more trouble than worth.

Vanderpump Rules

The producers have not commented on the issue yet, but looking at the show, dropping Danica will not cost them anything. Danica has very recently joined Vanderpump Rules and she is not even involved in the main drama. Brett has an even smaller role than her as he was just introduced for Danica’s sake.


Danica and Brett have legally agreed to stay out of each other’s way. Danica accused Brett of breaking into her house and damaging her possessions. However, the Vanderpump Rules stars are mostly Team Brett at the moment.

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