Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wives – The Untold Secret of 3 Divorces

Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wives
Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wives

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. But as celebrated the star is, his personal life is as difficult to get a hold of. Though here are some things that we know for sure. Tom Cruise married three times and his three divorces are allegedly related to his religion. Tom Cruise’s ex-wives refuse to speak up about the real cause of their breakups, which is even more suspicious for the fans.

Tom Cruise practice Scientology, which is a blend of science and spirituality. Tom Cruise was introduced to this religion through his first wife, Mimi Rogers. Rumors have it, that it is the Church of Scientology that has played a crucial role in Tom Cruise’s married life in the life of Tom Cruise’s ex-wives. They have planned his divorces, his next marriages, his relationships with his children, and also with his ex-wives. As controversial and sinister as it sounds, Tom Cruise’s ex-wives and Tom Cruise himself have mostly denied such allegations.

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Mimi Rogers

Mimi Rogers is the daughter of Phil Spickler and first of Tom Cruise’s ex-wives. Phil was a close friend of Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology. Phil helped Hubbard in the foundation but later due to some conflict of interest, separated ways. But Phil did not stop practicing Scientology, which made him a squirrel (someone who practices the religion but outside of the church).

Mimi grew up as a part of Scientology. After divorcing Jim Rogers in 1980, she met Tom Cruise in 1985. They began dating and soon Tom Cruise’s ex-wives, Mimi, introduced Tom to Scientology. She did that to help Tom with his philandering nature. The Church of Scientology welcomed Tom Cruise whole-heartedly as a person of his stature was very important for their image. Though, they did not like his connection with a ‘squirrel’.


Instead of helping Tom with his philandering, apparently, they encouraged it more. Mimi and Tom married in 1987 but Tom’s affair with Nicole started in 1989. Tom was hell-bent on signing Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder although according to the makers, she didn’t fit the role. When Mimi found out about the affair, she demanded Scientology-style marriage counseling. But even then, it didn’t help her marriage from falling apart.

Some leading members of the Church handed Mimi Rogers her divorce papers and stated that it is for the ‘greater good’. Mimi Rogers never spoke of her divorce again and it is speculated that the reason is the NDA contract that she has signed.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a talented actress and second of Tom Cruise’s ex-wives. Nicole started dating Tom when she was merely 22 and they married in 1990. They adopted two children – Connor and Isabella. It is said that it was the Church of Scientology (again) that caused Tom Cruise’s divorce.

At the beginning of the relationship, Tom was smitten for Nicole. He would worship her and love her like anything. That did not go well with the Church of Scientology. Tom giving more time to his wife meant him paying less attention to the Church. Nicole on the other hand tried to embrace Scientology at first but later found it controversial.
The Church found Nicole’s apprehensions threatening.

They started burying seeds of doubts in Tom’s head against Nicole. So much so that Tom even asked the Church to tap Nicole’s phone. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced in 2001 and the divorce came as a surprise for Nicole. It was Tom who filed for the separation and Nicole did not see it coming. Nicole was declared a Suppressive Person by the Church (someone who’s against the beliefs of Scientology).

Connor was turned against his mother and Nicole Kidman was not even allowed at his wedding. Tom Cruise himself banned Nicole from attending the wedding.

Katie Holmes

tom cruise's ex-wives

Katie Holmes is the third of Tom Cruise’s ex-wives. Katie and Tom started dating in 2005. The couple was head over heels for each other and one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood. Katie declared in 2005 that she is converting into a Scientologist. And a few months later, they got engaged. By the end of 2005, the couple was expecting and in April 2006, the couple welcomes their first child, Suri Cruise. Seven months later, Tom and Katie tied knots in a lavish Scientology-style wedding in Italy in November.

In 2008, a video featuring Tom’s Scientology indoctrination video went viral. The video was scary for many and was removed after copyright issues. For the next four years, Katie and Tom put up a great show of being in love but it was in 2012 when Katie finally filed for a divorce. Just like Nicole had not seen it coming, this time Tom had not seen this coming.

Many people speculate that the reason was Katie’s disassociation with the Church of Scientology. She did not wish her daughter to be a part of Scientology. At first, Tom denied all such rumors but was later accepted that it might be one of the reasons for divorce. Katie Holmes has the complete custody of her daughter Suri Cruise and both were declared Suppressive Person by the Church. Tom has no touch with his daughter as of now. All of Tom Cruise’s ex-wives have never spoken ill about Tom or the Church of Scientology in public.

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