This Is Why Teddi Mellencamp Shifted From $4 Million Hollywood Hill House to $6.5 Million Encino House

Teddi Mellencamp set some new bars for a ‘dream house’ when she purchased the beautiful property at Hollywood Hills. The ultra-modern home, located in the grand mountains, was everything one could dream of with ample open space and canyon views. The pool deck was simply mesmerizing and Teddi called her house a dream come true. But suddenly, all things shifted and Teddie soon purchased a new house!

Leaving the $4 million residence behind, Teddi shifted to a $6.5 million new Encino home. The farmhouse-style mansion in Escrow is even more stunning than her previous home – if that’s even possible! The 8,550-sq-foot residence has seven bedrooms and bathrooms, an office, and a game room. The stellar LED wine room made up of glass is center of attraction in the home.

It was obvious that fans were wondering why Teddi shifted from one beautiful home to another so very quickly. After all, both the properties boast of perfection in their own unique ways. Well, according to Teddi, the reason is very simple. Teddi says that the Hollywood Hill house was the dream house of her husband, Erin Arroyave.

However, the new Encino house is her dream house! And like she says, ‘a happy wife means happy life’! Teddi also said that her previous house wasn’t very kid-friendly. After having daughter Dove, they decided that Encino house will be safer for their little one.

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