7 Questions about The Umbrella Academy Ending That Need Urgent Answers

When it comes to cliffhangers, no one does it better than The Umbrella Academy ending. The Umbrella Academy season 1 had also left the audience wondering for the longest. The Umbrella Academy ending in season 1 told the audience that the six superheroes have traveled back in time. They had escaped the apocalypse of 2019 but reached back in the 1960s.

The Umbrella Academy ending aired on July 31, 2020, and left us with so many unanswered questions. The Umbrella Academy ending of season 2 dropped some major bombs and left us at a massive hangover. There is so much we want to know and we want to know them asap! 

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Let us take a recap and get some questions in motions!

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Spoilers


In The Umbrella Academy season 2, the six superheroes are scattered in the 1960s. They have another apocalypse to take care of. John F. Kennedy’s assassination is about to take place and the superheroes have to stop it. All the superheroes are leading their own lives that have well adjusted to even in the 1960s. 

While Vanya has lost memories, Klaus is a cult leader. Diego is in an asylum for reporting Kennedy’s assassination and Luther is working with Kennedy’s future murderer. Allison has become an activist and 5 is still time traveling. However, when they all get together, they save the world and finally come back to the present. But, only to learn that they have changed the timeline in the process.


And now, they have new sets of trouble, out of which the first one being – they don’t exist! Reginald Hargreeves is alive and instead of creating The Umbrella Academy, he has created The Sparrow Academy. Ben is very much alive and there are more pressing matters to look into. So, now comes the question time.

Questions About The Umbrella Academy Ending

What’s Up with Harlan?


Vanya had lost her memories and was living in a rural family at Dallas. Harlan and his mother, Sissy, had taken her under their wings. Vanya had accidentally transferred her powers to Harlan and he could manipulate field force. Even though Vanya took back the powers by The Umbrella Academy ending, he did not get rid of it. 

When Harlan and Sissy left Dallas, we could see Harlan levitating his toy with his powers. So what happens with Harlan now? How did the anti-social boy manage with those powers for 50 years and what he’ll do next?

What Happened To The Cult?


Klaus’ cult was harmless but amazing! Destiny’s Children deserve more attention and the fans would love to know more about them. For example, where are they now when their leader has left? Cults have made their own stories in our history. They are a big part of conspiracies and out of the box beliefs. It would be interesting to know what to happened to them after Klaus.

The Sparrow Academy – Who Are You?


The biggest revelation of The Umbrella Academy ending was the introduction of The Sparrow Academy. They are the ones who have replaced The Umbrella Academy as a repercussion of the altered timeline. Now, The Umbrella Academy does not exist but only, it exists! Who is The Sparrow Academy anyway? Are they the good guys? Are they the bad ones? Why is Ben leading them? 

How Did Ben Die?


Now that Ben is alive, does that prove that it was actually one of the six superheroes that were responsible for Ben’s death? Because, at The Umbrella Academy ending, it seemed like he survived well without them in a new reality! Also, remember how Hargreeves blamed The Umbrella Academy for Ben’s death? So how did Ben die originally? 

Was it Vanya and the latent superpower that she later forgot or couldn’t understand? Hey! It’s just a fan theory!

What about Lila


Superhero or not, we love cheesy love-stories in the middle of all the drama. We know Lila was falling for Diego but the whole truth was too much to handle. She learned that her adoptive mother, Handler, made Five kill her parents. So now, when she learns at The Umbrella Academy ending that her whole life was a lie, she decides to time travel. Is she coming back? Where did she go? To change her parents’ death timeline?

Is There Another Apocalypse Coming?


The Umbrella Academy ending told us, courtesy The Sparrow Academy, that there are more pressing matters to take care of. So, is the pressing matter another apocalypse? Because if it is then god help us! Haven’t we all had enough of the apocalypse with one franchise already? Well, but as we all know that more or less the apocalypse is caused by Vanya, they might keep her in control instead.

What Happens To The Timeline?


This is the biggest question of The Umbrella Academy ending. What about the original timeline and the altered timeline? How will it affect each other? What will happen to the things that were in the original timeline and how will it affect the new timeline? And what about the six founding members of The Umbrella Academy? Where are they in the new timeline? They are alive for sure (right?) so, what happens to them now?

Everything You Need To Know About The Umbrella Academy Season 2

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