What Happened In The Rookie Season 2? The Recap You Need Before Season 3

The Rookie Season 2
The Rookie Season 2

The Rookie is a police procedural show of the comedy-drama genre created by Alexi Hawley. The show first premiered on October 16, 2018, on ABC. The season finale was released on April 16, 2019. The Rookie season 2 premiered on September 19, 2019, and released its finale on May 10, 2020. The Rookie follows John Nolan, a rookie or a new recruit at LAPD.

What sets John apart from all the other rookies is that John is in his early forties and is the oldest recruit at his department. Although he followed his passion and made it to LAPD, initially he was full of insecurities. In Rookie season 2, we see John Nolan transforming into a confident cop. The seasons generally have 20 episodes with each episode comprised of 40-45 minutes.

The Rookie Season 2 Recap


The Rookie season 2 continued exactly from where season 1 ended. Bradford, who was infected from the virus in season 1 fights for his life, and the team arrests the third terrorist. Nolan is then assigned as a partner to a new detective named Nick Armstrong. Nick and Nolan solve their first murder case together. He and his team work with Rosalind Dyer, an infamous serial killer, to find her murder victims.

The Rookie season 2 takes an unexpected turn when Chris Rios, a fellow rookie of Nolan and team is shot by the Derian crime family. The officers raid Ruben Derian’s place and discover the astounding fact that there’s a mole in the department who’s working for the mafia family.

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While some of the cops are dealing with Rio’s death, Lopez tries to find out the mole. Nolan, triggered by a conversation with Harper, also tries to find out the mole by going through the body camera footage. He is beyond surprised when he learns that the mole is none other than Nick Armstrong himself.

The Rookie season 2 Plot

Nolan convinces Harper that Nick is the mole after all. They plant a booty trap for him but Nick is smarter than they think. He walks out of the trap unscathed and Nolan has no other choice but to seek the help of Rosalind Dyer.

Rosalind reveals to Nolan that she broke into Armstrong’s residence and discovered a secret spot where he hides guns, cash, and documents that can incriminate him. Nolan seeks the opportunity and breaks into Armstrong’s home where he finds all the evidence. But unfortunately, while Nolan was leaving, Armstrong sees him.


Armstrong learns that Nolan has discovered his truth and calls Serj Derian, who is in the custody, to form a plan. He calls Nolan over and tells him that he started working for the Derians when his wife’s medical bills became too much to handle. Somewhere during the confrontations, guns get involved and before Nolan could understand, Armstrong reveals he has been trapped.

Armstrong explains that it was all a trap to frame Nolan as the mole. The break into Armstrong’s residence and the shootout will act against his case. Armstrong states that Serj will name Nolan as the mole and also that he has planted all the cash and pieces of evidence at Nolan’s home. Nolan panics and rushes to his house where he finds all the shreds of evidence planted inside a wall in his room.

The Rookie Season 3

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The Rookie was renewed for season 3 in May 2020. After the cliffhanger in The Rookie season 2, we all are eagerly waiting for the next season. Though there might be some time in its release now because of the ongoing pandemic. The Rookie season 3 will catch up from where The Rookie season 2 ended. We will get answers to how John Nolan escapes from Armstrong’s evils plan and how Nick Armstrong is convicted for his crimes.

The Rookie Season 2 Cast

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The Rookie regular star cast includes names like Nathan Fillion as John Nolan, Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez, Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey, Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen, Eric Winter as Tim Bradford, and Harold Perrineau as Nick Armstrong along with many others.

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