‘The New Mutants’ Hits Theaters On August 28 Without The Usual Buzz

‘The New Mutants’ releases on August 28, 2020, finally after years of struggle. However, one can notice that there’s no buzz or fanfare. In fact, the stars in the movie like Maisie Williams have also not paid much care to promote the release.

‘The New Mutants’ is a spin-off of the X-Men franchise with a touch of horror. The young mutants, played by Williams, Charlie Heaton, Anya Joy, Blue Hunt, and Henry Zaga, are brought to a facility. They soon realize that the hospital cum facility is what they think it to be and they’re trapped.

'The New Mutants'

‘The New Mutants’ saw several delays and difficulties in its release. The Studio was so upset with the movie’s luck that it wanted a reshoot altogether. The movie was originally scheduled for April 2018 that later postponed to February 2019. Later, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox and the movie again got postponed.

Speculations stated that Disney might close the project or release it on Disney+ just like Mulan. However, nothing as such happened and movie finally got its theatrical release during the ongoing pandemic. There was no pre-release of ‘The New Mutants’ for the critics either. We can only hope that with X-Men now under Disney, there’d be some good revival of the franchise.

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