5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift’s Folklore Deserves To Be At No.1

Taylor Swift made history with her album Folkore. Folklore is currently No.1 at the billboards and is called almost perfect by the critics. Her eighth album was a surprise at she announced out of nowhere that it will be releasing midnight. Just on the day Kanye West’s Donda was supposed to release. 

Folklore has reached the No.1 for all the right reasons. Unlike all other previous hits of the super amazing singer and songwriter, Folklore fills the audience with love and peace. It does not have any hidden agenda or the OTT pop element that Taylor is famous for.


Here are all the reasons why Folklore deserved to be at the top and why we’ll be listening to it for the longest.

Folklore – Mix Of Love & Vulnerability


There’s one thing common about all Taylor Swift’s hits – they hit directly our hearts and they hit hard. However, there is something extremely soothing about all the songs of Folklore. They won’t give you shrill or the beat that will make your spirits go high. But instead, the songs will make you think deeply while luring out in the peaceful wilderness. It will calm you down and make you greet your vulnerable side with a smile.

No Hype Before Release


We all know Taylor loves hype! For her every album, she builds up this huge thrill that drives all her fans crazy. She teases the fans with what’s coming and releases the singles one by one. But, that was not the case with Folklore. She announced the release a few hours prior and released all the singles at once. She said that she has written it during the quarantine and it talks about her fears and dreams.

New Style of Music


Whether it is the single ‘Cardigan’ or ‘The 1’, each and every single in her album is unlike anything she has ever done. The pop star, who became a global sensation among teenagers, has tried a completely different style of music and aced it. She has explored her artistic and lyrical expressions elaborately and has not shied away from changing her image completely. Folklore will mark as a milestone in Taylor’s career history.

No Hidden Agenda


The one thing people wait for in Taylor’s music is her hidden agendas. People love drama and to put two and two together to form a scandalous storyline. Whether it was ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ or ‘Blank Space’, the songs had an ulterior motive. Sometimes to demean her rivals (read: Kardashians) while sometimes to act the victim. Folklore gives you none of that! The album is extremely mature and pure without any vile conjectures. 

Lyrics Beyond Imagination


There is no doubt in the fact that Taylor Swift is a gifted writer. Her creativity knows no bounds and we have seen that several times. She knows how to play with words and has even made revenge and crazy sound beautiful. Well, that’s how talented Taylor is. But, it was always believed that she has not been using her potential to the fullest. Rather, she has been spending it on others by replying to them through her stories.

Folklore changed all of that. The album is not about Taylor. It is about you, me, her, him, and anyone you want to be. Her lyrics are the star of her album. Her imagination can indulge anyone and everyone. You can be a woman thinking about her decades’ old mansion while you can also be talking about your failed relationship with beauty.


When you listen to Folklore, you will know that the album is not meant for any competition. It is meant for the peace of heart and serenity of soul.

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