Sweetbitter Season 2 – Recap, Review & All about the New Season

Sweetbitter Season 2
Sweetbitter Season 2

Sweetbitter is an American series based on the novel of the same name. The novel is authored by Stephanie Danler and the show premiered for the first time in May 2018. Sweetbitter season 2 premiered on July 14, 2019.

Sweetbitter Season 2 Plot


Sweetbitter revolves around the life of Tess. Her life takes a complete 180 degree turn when she arrives in New York City. She lands herself a job at a renowned restaurant and tries to cope with the fast city life. She is introduced to the wild side of life where she has to make some unconventional and tough choices. Her new life is full of drugs and drinking, bars and fine dining, and love and lust. Tess has to find the right balance between that chaos that seems alluring from the outside and peace that needs struggle and dedication.

Sweetbitter Season 2 Recap

sweetbitter season 2

Tess at the end of Sweetbitter season 1 receives some dramatic information and in Sweetbitter season 2, she begins to question the reality of all her friends. She starts to become more alert and speculates whether or not she can trust her circle. Howard, on the other hand, takes his staff to the place where their food comes from. Tess’ past comes into the picture and Santos and Sasha get into a dispute when the former loses his shoes. A head chef surprises the restaurant members for a surprise menu tasting and later, Tess meets a handsome new guest.

Tess gets involved with Omar sexually while Sasha receives disturbing news back from home. The members get into a difficult spot when a table makes a racist comment. Howard finally decides to improvise his old tip method. Tess gets closer to Jake and together they take their relationship to a new level that does not sit well with Simone. Will uses his powers questionably and does something that’s not appreciated by others.

Sweetbitter Season 2 Cast


Ella Purnell plays the protagonist of the series. Ella fits the character of Tess perfectly as both the actress and the character are around the same age. Ella is 24 whereas Tess is 22. It means that Ella’s acting of a girl in her early 20s trying to figure out life is totally believable and realistic. You might have seen Ella previously in movies like Maleficent, Never Let Me Go, and Wildlike.

Caitlin Fitzgerald plays the role of Simone and Tom Sturridge plays the role of Jake, Tess’s love interest. Evan Jonigkeit plays the role of Will and Eden Epstein plays the role of Ari. Daniar plays Sasha and Jasmine Mathews plays Heather. Paul Sparks, Jimmie Saito, and Katerina Tannenbaum play the role of Howard, Scott, and Becky respectively.

Sweetbitter Season 3

Sweetbitter as a novel is a good read, especially for the teenage crowd or coming-to-age people. However, Sweetbitter season 2 or 1 as a series could not garner much appreciation from the audience. It received average to below-average reviews and failed to score high ratings on IMDb. The poor impression of the show compelled the makers to announce that Sweetbitter Season 2 will be the end of the series and it will not be returning for any further season.

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