Susan Williams Says Robin Williams Was Being Haunted By An Invisible Monster

Susan Schneider Williams says that her husband, Robin Williams, was being haunted and chased by an invisible monster. Robin Williams was suffering from Lewy body dementia before he took his life in 2014. Sadly, Robin and his family did not know why the beloved actor was suffering so much.

Susan says that Robin kept complaining before his death that he just wants his brain to reboot. She had promised him that they would get to the bottom of the issue together. Lewy body dementia is the second most common form form of dementia after Alzheimer’s. It causes neurodegeneration that affects mood, thoughts, behavior, etc.

Robin William was facing a severe form of Lewy body dementia and the even the doctors were surprised that he was able to function at all physically. Susan says that she felt relief when she got to know what was killing Robin. She says that for a long time the couple tried to figure out the invisible monster haunting Robin.

Robin Williams was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and feared that he had dementia. It made him confused and nervous. After being diagnosed, he was asked to sleep separately from his wife and he couldn’t understand if it’s because they had separated. Susan wrote a candid essay ‘Robin’s Wish’ for research on the disease and to help others – exactly what Robin Williams wanted.

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