Steph Curry’s Kids – The 3 Little Astonishing Rockstars

Steph Curry’s Kids
Steph Curry’s Kids

Wardell Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry II has a life that seems like its straight out of a fairytale. He loves what he does professionally, married the love of his life, Ayesha Alexander, and had three wonderful kids with her. Steph Curry’s kids have been into the limelight since they were little toddlers. The dad’s fame and stardom come in handy of course but it’s also because Steph Curry’s kids are super adorable.

Steph & Ayesha Curry

Stephen Curry is one of the most renowned NBA players. He has been named NBA’s Most Valuable Player twice and his wicked three-point shot makes him one of the greatest shooters in the world. Steph Curry married Ayesha Alexander in July 2011 at the player’s hometown Charlotte. They both are highly spiritual people and believe in God. And indeed, it was God who brought them face to face for the first time.

The couple met for the first time at a church in Charlotte. They were merely 15 and 14 years old back then. They finally met again when Steph was attending an award show and Ayesha was trying her luck in Hollywood. And considering their 9 years of a beautiful marriage, it was God’s will that they start dating. And so they did!

Steph Curry’s Kids – Who Are They?

Riley Elizabeth Curry

The couple had their first kid one year after their marriage. Riley Elizabeth Curry is the first of Ayesha and Steph Curry’s kids. She was born in July 2012 in Charlotte, where her father was raised. She turns eight in 2020 but, believe us when we say, she was famous for an even younger age. Well, partly because of father, of course, but also because of her own cute self!

The eldest of Ayesha and Steph Curry’s kids first came into limelight in 2015. The little girl was just three when she hijacked her father’s interview. It was an NBA press conference and Steph was supposed to answer some questions. Riley being present at the moment, made sure to steal the show. The little one’s famous video where she adorably asks her father to ‘keep quiet’ became an internet sensation.

At another such interview, Riley gave the press a funny performance with the curtains and we don’t exaggerate when we say, all eyes were on Riley. As she was growing, the media covered all her public appearances because the girl is no less than mass entertainer herself. If you don’t believe us, just look at her dance yourself! May she gets her moves from her mother has a brief history in an acting career as well. Ayesha has her own cooking channel on YouTube called Little Lights of Mine. Though she does not have any professional culinary experience, she is still a renowned chef. Riley has made guest appearances on her mom’s show a lot of times.

Ryan Carson Curry

The second in the list of Ayesha and Steph Curry’s kids is Ryan. Ryan was born just 3 years after the birth of Riley and they share the same birth month – July. Ryan has not been into the media eyes like Riley has. Now, if it is either because of her parents (which seems unlikely) or because of her own private personality, is not clear. But we like to believe that it’s the latter one and she would come around at her own pace and time.

Although she might not make media appearances, she sure doesn’t shy away from the camera. She has featured in many of her parent’s Instagram videos and lives and whenever she does, it’s worth watching! You can still have a look at Ryan and her calm and cute persona in the video that her daddy made.

Steph Curry installed some cameras in his car and took his two daughters, Riley and Ryan, for a drive. The kids had way too much and we also heard them sing! Catch that adorable video right here –

Canon Wardell Jack Curry

The third of Ayesha and Steph Curry’s kids is Canon. Canon is the youngest of the Steph Curry’s kids and also the first boy. Needless to say, fans have already begun to speculate if Canon would take forward his father’s legacy.

Canon’s name is a tribute to Steph’s father. It seemed like Canon would be a reference to Steph’s 3-point shooting skills but that’s not the case. The real meaning is ‘officiant of the church’ and ‘young wolf’.

Steph Curry’s net worth is somewhere around $7.8 million and Steph Curry’s jersey number is 30. Steph wear his signature shoes – Under Armour Curry 7 that designed by Riley.

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