This Is Why Tommy Lee Hung Up on Triple M Radio Hosts

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Thomas Lee Bass, better known as Tommy Lee is a drummer and one of the founders of Mötley Crüe. He also found a rap-metal band called Methods of Mayhem. Mötley Crüe released its first album Too Fast For Love in 1981 and has garnered a strong fan base ever since. Throughout the decade, the band gave the audiences some amazing hits like Shout at the Devil, Theatre of Pain, Girls, Girls, Girls, and a lot more.

The band and its players have created quite controversies in the past especially due to their high indulgence in drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc. So, when we say that Tommy Lee hung up on some radio hosts, you probably would want to immediately link it to his impulsive behavior, right? Wrong! The reason for Tommy to cut an interview abruptly was because he was asked an inappropriate question that seems quite wrong and offensive on many different levels.

What Triggered Tommy Lee In The Interview?

Triple M’s ‘Moonman in the Morning’ was interviewing Tommy quite recently. The interview was regarding the solo album that is due for release in October. The interview started quite normally and some generic questions were asked. For example how Tommy Lee was coping with the pandemic and the lockdown. While everything was great, the co-host of the show, Jess Eva, decided to ask more personal questions that many would find highly inappropriate.

As we know, Tommy Lee has been married and linked with many stunning women. But as we all also know – decency says that one should never kiss and tell. So what came next out Jess Eva’s mouth was not something appreciated by Tommy at all. “You are a hero to many men around the world because you’ve romanced some hotties in your time,” Eva said. She even mentioned names, which again – was not okay. She asked, “Heath Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Pink… Out of all your lovers, who was the best one?”

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The question is wrong on multiple levels. Many would agree that it’s not decent for someone to be asked to rank their lovers. Not to forget, it’s highly insulting for the women named in that list. It’s personal, immoral, and indecent. Period. If the anchors thought that Tommy would go with the flow and answer the question in a fun spirit, they could not have been more surprised with his reaction. Instead of entertaining such bizarre question, Tommy chose to speak not even a single word on the issue. In fact, he simply hung up!

How Did Tommy Lee React?

As soon as Jess Eva completed her question, Tommy Lee without any hesitation disconnected the call. The co-hosts Chris Page and Lawrence Moony agreed that it was not a good sign and Eva might have entered the no-go zone. The producers of the show explained that they were neither allowed nor supposed to ask the drummer any personal question about his ex-wives and affairs. They called Lee’s publicists and apologized personally. After the heat settled down, Tommy was reconnected to the show and the little hindrance was never mentioned again.

Jess Eva in her defense said that she did not know that they were not supposed to mention the rocker’s ex-lovers. “I didn’t know that! It’s Tommy Lee! What was I meant to ask him, his favorite chocolate chip recipe?”

The publicist said that before confirming any interview, they specify the topics they can touch with Tommy Lee. They also discuss the things the interviewers aren’t supposed to ask. So obviously, if the interviewers don’t abide by the rules, the interview can no longer go further. Hence, we can see how Tommy Lee in this entire situation is not be blamed at all!

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