Sophie Turner Posts On Instagram After Ages – It’s About Selena Gomez

The new mom in town, Sophie Turner, has been maintaining quite a low profile on social media. The Queen of the North welcomed her first daughter, Willa, just a few months ago. Her fans were waiting for Sophie to update something on her IG account and she did. However, it has nothing to do with Willa!

The ‘Game of Thrones’ star updated an Instagram story and it is about Selena Gomez. In the story, Sophie is opening a box gifted to her by Selena and Frank Ocean is playing in the background. It is a gift by Rare Beauty, Selena’s new beauty line.

Apart from the recent story, Joe Jonas and Sophie turner have maintained quite a low profile on their social media handles. They added some posts in August requesting their fans and all the people around to wear masks and take precautions. The new parents look extremely relaxed and laid back in their snaps.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas never officially announced their pregnancy. The media learnt about it a few months before their due date. Sophie and Joe welcomed Willa in July. It came as a surprise because tabloids were assuming that they’re expecting a son. That’s so because the couple was seen shopping for little boy clothes. However, looking at the couple’s history to have fun with the paparazzi, it could have been their another stunt!

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