Sofia Vergara Defends Ellen DeGeneres As Clips From Show Resurface

‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ is under investigation for sexual misconduct and ‘toxic’ work environment. This is a news that does not seem to go off the radar. Ellen is being attacked for treating her staff and guests badly by fellow staff members and celebrities. Obviously, people are digging out clips from the past and one such is with Sofia Vergara.

An old clip with of the show has resurfaced where Ellen DeGeneres is making fun of Sofia Vergara’s English. A lot of people are calling out the interview as cringy and racist. The video is a compilation of 2-3 video clips that was shot years ago.

In one of part of the video, Ellen is saying that she’d teach Sofia Vergara some English words. In another, she commented that Sofia’s accent has gotten worse. In one clip she’s appraising Sofia for her better English skills that Sofia playfully directed towards Reese Witherspoon. In the last part, Ellen is making of her accent quite clearly.

Sofia Vergara

However, Sofia Vergara tweeted that she was not at all offended. In fact, she said that it was just two comedian having fun and entertaining the audience. She also uploaded a video where she is explicitly making fun of Ellen by called old and weirdly funny.

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