Sofia Coppola’s ‘On The Rocks’ Trailer Looks Exciting With Bill Murray & Rashida Jones In It

Sofia Coppola is trying something different with her new comedy drama, ‘On The Rocks’. The movie will release in theaters and on Apple TV+ in October. Most of the shooting of the movie was luckily done during the pre-corona times in New York. ‘On The Rocks’ stars Bill Murray as Felix and Jones Spar as Laura.

Bill Murray plays the father of Jones Spar in the movie. Laura is suspicious that her husband, played by Marlon Wayans, is having an affair. She starts her marital detective work with the help of her father, Felix. Felix is a man who’s quite old school. He looks at the world differently and gives advises to Laura that she finds rather difficult to relate with.

The adventure of Laura and Felix is full of detours yet, it somehow brings the father-daughter duo closer. In Sofia Coppola’s ‘On The Rocks’, they work on their generation gap that’s evident with their train of thoughts.

Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola and Murray go long back in terms of their professional bond. Sofia and Murray have worked together in movies like ‘Lost In Translation’, for which Coppola won an Academy. They have also worked on ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ that released on Netflix. Sofia won a Cannes Film Festival award for her work in ‘The Beguild’.

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