‘Sister Wives’ Stars Are Facing Trouble in the Paradise – Big Secret Revealed By Mykelti Brown

‘Sister Wives’ tried to convince the audience that polygamy is not bad and still can be an option for many. But, as it turns out, ‘Sister Wives’ stars are now unhappy with their arrangement. Polygamy does have bitter consequences after all! Apparently, Kody Brown and one of his four wives, Meri Brown are facing trouble in their relationship and are on the verge of break up. 

The source of this information is none other than Mykelti Brown herself! Mykelti is Christine Brown’s daughter and Christine is one of Kody’s wives. Kody is getting more and more frustrated with the ongoing bickering with Meri. Meri, on the other hand, seems to lose interest in her relationship with Kody, her sister wives, and entire polygamy set up. 


Fans have noticed that Meri seems more uninterested and out of the picture lately. Mykelti, on the other hand, claims that although everything is real, it is exaggerated as well.

Mykelti Brown Opens Up

With the ongoing drama between the sister wives and Kody Brown, people wanted to know more. Mykelti Brown answered the fans by informing them that the feud between Kody and Meri is absolutely real. They are truly unhappy with each other and might want to separate. But, she also said that it might be portrayed with little exaggeration overall.

She said that she does not know the dynamics clearly between the sister wives. In fact, she said that nobody ever has a clear picture of what’s going on in someone’s life. She said that even the siblings are not aware of what’s going in the personal lives of each other. And to be honest, that makes complete sense because who has the time to keep account of such high voltage drama all the time!

Meri, Kody, & Sister Wives


Meri Brown and Kody Brown divorced in 2014 so that Kody can marry Robyn Brown. Robyn, as people have claimed, seems to be Kody’s favorite. Meri, on the other hand, is not simply Kody’s ‘spiritual’ wife. Meri does not seem very happy with Kody for a while. People have noticed that Meri is not even wearing her ring.

Meri has not been posting anything related to her sister wives or Kody. In fact, she has been updating cryptic messages talking about new beginnings and the best phase of her life. The conflicts mainly came into the picture when the sister wives started living together. Not all the sister wives were happy with the decision. 


Meri tweeted saying that Kody should stop generalizing her with all other sister wives. She said that him complaining that his wives are not happy with a decision is not always true because she has individual opinions. Kody responded targeting Meri saying that he’s sorry because it is mostly ‘just one’ wife and he ends up blaming everyone.


Kody has been frustrated lately as well. He said to the Sister Wives makers that when he was younger, polygamy was fun. His wives used to get along better. But, now as all of them grow older, things have changed. He is tired of all the fights and he guesses that maybe polygamy is not for him. Meri had also reported saying that she feels her relationship with Kody has reached a dead end.

Mariah Brown & Paedon Brown


Talking about the siblings, Mariah Brown (daughter of Meri and Kody) and Paedon Brown (son of Christine and Kody) got in an argument publically. Paedon updated a post supporting the police department amidst the Black Lives Matter movement and captioned ‘Blue Lives Matter’. People asked Paedon to have a conversation with Mariah as she has been vocal about supporting Black Lives Matter.


Paedon rudely responded that he can’t stand his sister. While Christine and Kody chose to remain mum on their son’s actions, Meri took a stand for her daughter. She wrote that parents don’t fail when they have a gay child but they fail when they disown the child for being gay.

Mariah has come out as gay openly and has announced her relationship with her fiancée, Audrey. Meri’s comment is a subtle hint at Kody’s action and her take on her sister wives.

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