Selena Gomez’s kidney donor and friend Francia Raisa reveals she received an apology regarding the transplant joke

Selena Gomez’s fans didn’t take it well when the rebooted Saved by the Bell episode featured a joke about her kidney transplant in 2017.

Her best friend and her kidney donor, Francia Raisa, also took to social media to share her reaction on Saturday.

The actress later confirmed that the producers of the show had apologized to her for the joke. But she was still concerned about other people out there who may have donated or received organs.

‘Some of the cast and producers have reached out to me personally to apologize for this and I truly appreciate that,’ she wrote in her Instagram.

‘But I do want to acknowledge that this public apology from the network should acknowledge the donors that could have been offended by this. It’s not about me, it’s about acknowledging the great role that donors play,’ she further added.

She also confirmed that the show has released an apology on twitter the same day.

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