Ryan Reynolds Sells His Aviation Gin For $610 Million – Apologizes To Wife In The Sassiest Way

Ryan Reynolds has finalized a deal with an European beverage company and sold his Aviation Gin for $610 million. Now, Ryan Reynolds is known for his hilarious out-of-office messages (along with other things). So, it was quite expected that he came up with yet another hilarious out of office message after selling Aviation Gin.

The out of office message was an apology that he had issued to many members associated with Aviation Gin. It included Blake Lively as he had jokingly asked her and others to go f–k themselves after learning how much money he’ll make. The message read that he is out of office and is going to be very busy working on the sale of the gin.

Ryan Reynolds

He said that he has recently learned the meaning of ‘earn out’ so, he apologizes for asking everyone to go f–k themselves. His lawyers have explained him that it apparently takes a lot of time to achieve an earn out. Hence, he is not as George Clooney as he would like to believe.


Ryan Reynolds was referring to the $1 billion Tequila deal Clooney had mae with Dieageo in 2017. Even though Ryan Reynolds has sold his Aviation Gin, he will still have ownership interest with the brand.

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