Garcelle Beauvais Refuses To Return On RHOBH Season 11 without BFF Denise Richards

Will RHOBH ever go out of drama? We don’t think so! And honestly, let the drama be coming because that is what we enjoy the most (read: guilty pleasure). RHOBH stars Garcelle Beauvais and Denise Richards are setting friendship goals as they refuse to come on the show without each other! After the scandal between Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville, things have taken a nasty turn on the show.

In the middle of all the fiasco, Garcelle Beauvais dropped another bomb. She said that she will not be returning for another season if Denise Richards is not there. And apparently, Denise has the same views. Denise says that she will not be back on RHOBH if Garcelle isn’t there.


Now, isn’t that friendship goals? Well, it’s good to see some positivity in the middle of all the drama. What ‘drama’ you ask? Well, we have the entire timeline for you, so get your popcorn ready!

Denise Richards & Garcelle Beauvais

In the middle of all the drama, it was Garcelle Beauvais who stood by Denise’s side. Denise and Garcelle Beauvais have been friends from before RHOBH. The stars were peers in Hollywood and share a strong bond of friendship. Garcelle Beauvais joined RHOBH quite recently but quickly became fans’ favorite. It is because of her straight forward attitude that the audience loves her completely.

She is never shy of putting her costars back into their place when they cross the line. Garcelle Beauvais reveals that she has been warned that after the first few seasons, things get ugly and nasty. But, she thinks she has been handling everything quite well.

She said that she had a talk with Denise Richards and she said that she will not return on the show if Denise does not come. And Denise replied that she will not come on the show if Garcelle is not there. Well, as of now, we believe everybody will be reprising their roles in RHOBH season 11.

Denise Richard Alleged Affair with Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville had quite indiscreetly talked about her alleged affair with Denise Richards on RHOBH. She mentioned that Denise and her husband, Aaron Phypers, have an open marriage. She has claimed that Denise and she have slept together more than once but it is nothing serious. The claims and allegations flared a lot of buzz and heat. 

The real unraveled when Denise was confronted by other RHOBH stars. Denise was absolutely shocked and denied all allegations. She even threatened the channel that if such rumors are released, she will quit the show for sure. Well, she has not quit RHOBH yet, but things are certainly heating up.

Things took even an uglier turn when Denise informed the RHOBH stars that Brandi has claimed that she has slept with other RHOBH stars too. That information came out as shocker to many and created even more tension.

Denise’s Allegations on Brandi

Brandi revealed that she and Denise have slept together with other RHOBH costars. So, it was obvious that RHOBH stars had questions for Denise. At first, Denise denied all the claims and said that she and Brandi hardly know each other. However, later on, Denise said that she had met Brandi a couple of times in the past. Bradi wanted to have her on the podcast for some time. 

Denise Richards said that she knew that someone from the insides was feeding information to Brandi. She revealed that Brandi knew up and personal details about the group that even Denise did not know about. The biggest revelation came when Denise said that Brandi has been sleeping with some other women of the group as well.

The news was not taken well by RHOBH co-stars. Kyle and Lisa said that they did not believe that Brandi has said anything of such sort. They also accused Denise of lying in the first place by not hiding the extent of her friendship with Brandi.


Denise Richards Denies The Alleged Affair With Brandi Glanville & We Don’t Know What To Believe!

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