Prince William & Kate Middleton’s 3 Kids Meet Their Idol

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared an adorable picture on Saturday. The picture showed their three kids – Prince George (6), Princess Charlotte (5), and Prince Louis (2). Along with the royal family is seen a very special guest – Sir David Attenborough.

The picture was clicked in the gardens at Kesington Palace. It was after William and Attenborough attended the screening of the  upcoming movie, ‘Prince William: A Life on Our Planet’. Sir David Attenborough, as we all know, is an honorable conservation advocate and documentary maker. However, what many of us do not is that Attenborough is also Prince George’s idol!

In the picture, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Attenborough are surrounded by the three little kids. All of them are wearing color-coordinated outfits in blue. While George, who’s a huge fan of the filmmaker, is trying to play it cool, Charlotte is over the top excited! She is looking at Attenborough with complete glee while hands placed on her face in excitement.

In the other picture, William is having a private time with his sons. Prince Louise is in someone’s laps while Prince George is sitting beside his father. William is laughing broad while George is busy with the fossilized shark tooth. The tooth was a gift by the William himself. Prince William has always been a naturalist but now, with his kids in the world, he’s more passionate to leave behind a great world for them.

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