A South Carolina Man Philip A. Thomas II Obsessed With WWE Star Sonya Deville – Plans Kidnapping

A South Carolina man was arrested in Lutz, Florida, on August 16, 2020, under the charges of attempt to kidnapping. The victim’s identity has not been officially revealed but, it is said that the house belonged to WWE star, Sonya Deville. The kidnapper was obsessed with Sonya and had been stalking her online for months.

The kidnapper, Philip A. Thomas II is merely 24 years old and had been planning the crime for more than eight months. He parked his car at a church near the victim’s place and walked all the way till the her house. He waited till the homeowner went off to bed, which was around 2.45 a.m., and then entered the house.

Philip A. Thomas II

He tampered the alarm system so he could enter undetected. Fortunately, the house-owner saw Thomas at her property and fled the scene with a guest. They called 911 immediately and waited for the cops to arrive. Thomas, however, waited for their arrival at the home itself.


When cops handcuffed Thomas, he was found with zip ties, knives, duct tape, and mace. He was intending to take the owner of the house hostage for a long period of time. Thomas is currently under arrest under for armed kidnapping, stalking, and burglary.

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