People Are Concerned for Lia Marie Johnson And Here’s The Reason Why

lia marie johnson
lia marie johnson

Lia Marie Johnson is an American artist and a YouTube sensation. She has appeared alongside Logan Paul in ‘The Thinning’ and its sequel. She has also starred in ‘Terry the Tomboy’, a renowned Nickelodeon movie. In 2012, she appeared in a segment of Kids React. Kids React is an Emmy award-winning series by Fine Brothers Entertainment on YouTube. The segment featured the video of Amanda Todd.

Why Amanda Todd’s Video Disturbed Lia Marie Johnson

Amanda Todd was a 15-year-old Canadian girl. In 2012, she updated a YouTube video titled My Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self Hard. The video showed Amanda with a series of flashcards where she tried to explain to the viewers the harassment she had been going through. Todd, around 2009, started getting active on video chats. During a video chat, a stranger convinced her to flash her breasts on camera. He took her screenshot and started blackmailing Amanda for more.

Lia Marie Johnson reacts on Amanda's video
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He also started circulating her pictures to her schoolmates and her teachers. Amanda had to change schools multiple times but that did not stop the stranger from cyberbullying her. Worse, she was also being bullied by her peers. She started talking to an older man who later exploited her sexually. The entire situation pushed Amanda into depression and anxiety. She became suicidal but the bullying never stopped. Ultimately, Amanda killed herself in October 2012. The 9-minutes video she created on YouTube telling her story went viral after that and gathered millions of views.

Lia Marie Johnson and her other cast members watched Amanda’s video in the Kids React segment. Lia cried the entire time and felt genuinely bad and sorry for Amanda. She revealed that she too was bullied in high school and body shamed. Since then, Lia has become an internet sensation herself and apart from working on successful projects, she has sung in her most famous single, DNA.

Why People Got Concerned For Lia Marie Johnson

But, since 2017, fans noticed that Lia Marie Johnson had lost her charm somewhat. She appeared less on YouTube and in most of the Instagram Lives, she looked disheveled and intoxicated. As a matter of fact, in today’s time where cyberbullying is so frequent, many fans stepped up and requested Lia’s closed ones to take care of her. The hashtag #SaveLiaMarieJohnson trended on Twitter for quite some time. In many such concerning videos, Lia is seen discussing racism, bullying, drugs, and even killing herself.


In one of the Live-streams, Lia looked highly intoxicated. Someone played the song A Thousand Years in the background and later Lia said that no one can save her. They both were heard kissing outside the frame while the stream continued. The man asked if she was on Instagram and took her phone away. Later, Lia Live-streamed again to tell her fans not to send police at her home while the man can be heard saying sternly in the background that this could affect his work. The man appeared in the frame for a little while and people have identified him as a 67-year-old producer. The producer has worked with Lia, who is now 23, since she was 12.

Lia Marie Johnson has been facing cyberbullying for quite some time now. Not everyone on the internet is friendly towards her and has been encouraging her in her erratic activities and behavior. Though, there are still a huge number of people who want Johnson to get back on track healthily and productively. We also wish that people close to Lia Marie Johnson take care of the talented young woman and help her overcome all her issues soon.

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