Olivia Wilde For The Marvel Cinematic Universe – A New Female-Centric Movie In Making

Olivia Wilde will be directing a new movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with Sony Pictures. The movie will focus on female-centric superhero. Amy Pascal, Rachel O’Connor, and Katie Silberman will be the producer, executive producer and writer for the movie – respectively.

On August 19, Olivia Wilde tweeted a spider emoji on her social media handle. It can be deduces that the new untitled movie will feature ‘Spider Woman’. The original story-line of Spider Woman is very different from that of Spider Man. There are no radioactive spiders involved.


Rather, Jessica Drew (spider-woman) is injected with spider blood after a fatal accident that has to do with uranium. It will be fun to see what Olivia Wilde and the makers come up this time with the plot. If they will change the entire narrative or stick to the original, is yet to be seen.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde said in an interview that the best way to learn everything is to do everything. The renowned actress has also worked as a producer. Her directorial debut was marked with ‘Booksmart’. She says that being a director becomes a lot easier since she has experience in acting.

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