Nick Carter Hints At a Big Collaboration of Backstreet Boys With NSYNC

Nick Carter
Nick Carter

Many hearts were broken when we learned that Nick Carter and Backstreet Boys’ 2020 DNA World Tour has been put on hold due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Well, the show must have taken an indefinite halt but that did not stop the pop singer from coming up with new ideas! During an Instagram Live with HollywoodLife, Nick seemed pretty excited with the idea of collaboration with other artists. He said, “It would be really, really cool to collaborate with other artists. Absolutely.”

Though this is just an idea and nothing is officially happening as of yet, Nick is still full of innovative ideas that he would love to get into action. He said during the same live session that it would be great if he and the Backstreet Boys were to collaborate with NSYNC and other boy bands and artists. Nick Carter has been doing a lot of philanthropic work in recent times and would love to help people by the means of technology in any way possible.


Nick Carter On The Ongoing Pandemic

He understands that it is already a very difficult time for every individual and a little help from anyone would harm no one. He is planning this collaboration as a part of a charity that would help the needy. His heart also goes out for the people who are defending our lives on the forefront. Yes, he’s talking about the nurses, doctors, and the first responders.

“I thought it would be really cool to do like a ‘We Are The World’ song and find a specific charity, something that really would help people in the time of need,” he said.

He brought up the idea of collaboration with NSYNC and other bands and said,

“I believe that towards the end of the year, people are going to hopefully really want to come together and help each other and lift each other’s spirits up, but we’ll see! I’m just riffing right now!”


Nick Carter Would Love To Collaborate

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Nick also revealed another good news for the Backstreet Boys fans out there. The band officially announced that they would have to postpone their DNA World Tour till May 2021. But despite all the obstacles, Nick says that he and the band are trying their best to release new music by the end of this year. The release might just be done virtually. He said, “Yeah, we are doing Zoom calls, we are coming up with some really interesting things that haven’t been announced yet that we are able to do so on our time off now.”

Nick and his band are basically waiting for the time when things get lighten up so that they are able to get back to the studio and record. He even mentioned that if the studio recording is not possible, they might even try for a Zoom recording session! He seemed quite confident when he mentioned that there might be something of a treat for people this holiday season.

“Maybe in 2021, we’ll think about some new music, but I think, maybe something will be coming, like I said, this holiday season.”

We hope that Nick Carter and the band give us something very soon!

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