New Shows & Movies Coming On Amazon Prime Video in September 2020

Amazon Prime Video did not see anything major releasing on its platform in August 2020, however, thing in September will get heated up. They will be launching six new Amazon Prime Video Originals along with some major hits of 2019, without any rental charges! Also, there’s some 1970s classics for the evergreen classic-lovers in you!

The Boys

The highlight remains the release of the most-awaited season 2 of ‘The Boys’. The super-heroes gone wrong drama will air from September 4. The new season is said to be much more intense, insane, and aggressive.

Get Duked!

The next in the list is ‘Get Duked!’ by Ninian Doff, starring Eddie Izzard. The story revolves around two teenage girls who gets derailed on a camping trip and gets hunted by a dark shadowy force. The force is all set to destroy their futures and has already debuted on the platform on August 28, 2020.


Premiering for the first time on September 25, Utopia is about a conspiracy theory that will change the lives of many. A famous comedian makes a prophecy about the end of the world and his fans figure out that the prediction is true.  Watch John Cusack and Rainn Wilson don their roles in the upcoming high-end thrilling drama.

All Or Nothing

A sports-reality show that is sure to hook every football fan. ‘All Or Nothing’ is a reality documentary on Tottenham Hotspur, an English Premier League Club. It features their new manager Jose Mourinho, their 60,000+ seat stadium, and how they’re dealing with the pandemic. The series is available from August 31.

All In: The Fight For Democracy

With the election fever so high, Amazon decided to launch All In: Fight For Democracy that features the issue of voter suppression. The series will be available from September 18.

Dino Dana: The Movie

The Amazon Prime Video Original is the movie version of the renowned series. Dana is so obsessed with dinosaurs that he starts to imagine them in real live. The movie releases on September 4.

Gemini Man

The big Hollywood movie of 2019 makes it to the list of Amazon Prime Video September releases. It’s a science-fiction thriller starring Will Smith, who’s absolutely terrified of becoming old. To make matters worse, the younger version of Smith haunts him to remind of his fear.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family is the animated version of the classic family comprised of spooky members that are oblivious to their subject matter.


Judy is a rather wonderful but conventional take on Judy Garland’s life. The highlight of the movie is mainly Renee Zellweger’s outstanding and realistic performance.

1970 Hits

Some of the projects from the 1970s can truly be the head-turners on the APV’s September list. ‘Close Encounters of The Third Kind’ by Steven Spielberg revolves around an UFO epic. ‘Kramer Vs Kramer’ starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep is what you need to indulge into vent out all your emotions.

You can also opt for Hoffman starrer ‘The Graduate’, Charles Bronson starrer ‘The Mechanic’, and Wes Craven’s controversial horror, The Last House on The Left’.

Other Notable Mentions

Completing the list are Daniel Craig’s ‘Casino Royale’ from the Bond franchise, Tom Waits’ ‘Big Time’, Robin Williams’ ‘The Birdcage, and Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rambo’.



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