Netflix New Marketing Strategy – Free Access To Original Movies & Series

One of the biggest news for TV series and movie buff is here – Netflix is offering free access to some of its original content. Those original movies and series include ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Murder Mystery’, ‘Elite’, ‘Boss Baby: Back in Business’, ‘Bird Box’, and more. The free access is to help you decide whether or not Netflix is worth spending upon for subscription.

The free access will allow you to watch the entire movie in different languages and the first episode of the TV series. Even if you don’t have a Netflix account, you can still access the perks! Netflix says that they are trying to attract new viewers with this strategy.

The streaming option is available on PCs, Macs, and Android devices only. The free service is not available on iOS, smart TVs, and incognito mode. There will also be a half-minute ad before you start any of the video.

The strategy of providing free content is nothing new for Netflix. Netflix has experimented with the subscription pack from time to time. Last year, it offered free streaming of ‘Bard of Blood’ and ‘Elite Season 2’ in India and Latin America. Shows like ‘When They See Us’, ‘Love Is Blind’, ‘The Two Popes’, ‘Our Planet’, and ‘Grace and Frankie’ are also available for free streaming.

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