Netflix Apologizes For ‘Cuties’ Picture & Description – Movie Inappropriately Portrays 11 Year Old

Around 50,000 people have signed the petition for Netflix to remove the movie ‘Cuties’ from its platform. The French movie has received award at the Sundance for directing. However, critics and viewers have claimed that the movie ‘sexualizes’ 11-year-old and is completely inappropriate. With such heavy criticism, Netflix apologized for promoting the used poster and description of ‘Cuties’ on its platform.

The platform has used a poster for the movie when few really young dancers are wearing ‘provocative’ clothes on stage. The description of the movie reads that a 11-year-old girl gets fascinated with a twerking dance group. To become a part of the group, she starts to explore her femininity going against her family’s rules.


The petition signed by more than 5,000 people call the movie downright ‘disgusting’. It says that the movie is meant to please ‘pedophiles’ and will have a damaging affect on children’s mentality. On August 20, 2020, Netflix issued apology for using the inappropriate artwork.


They confirmed that the description and poster of the ‘Cuties’ has been rightfully changed. This is not the first time Netflix has come under such controversy. After promoting ‘365 Days’, the platform was accused for glorifying sex trafficking and rape culture. For ‘Indian Matchmaking’, Netflix received severe criticism for promoting classism, colorism, and gender stereotypes.

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