Most Remarkable Meghan Markle’s Movies and Series

Meghan Markle’s Movies and Series
Meghan Markle’s Movies and Series

Meghan Markle, before becoming a Royalty, was a part of Hollywood. She was a renowned actress and Meghan’s movies and series became even more highlighted once she married the Duke and took retirement from the industry.Suits was the last ongoing show in the list of Meghan Markle’s movies and series when she announced her retirement. Her retirement did not come as a shock to many as people were already talking about her affair with the Duke. Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex and is married to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

There are not many names in the list of Meghan Markle’s movies and series as before Suits, she only played minor roles. Nevertheless, let’s check out some surprising shows and movies that Meghan Markle has been a part of. 

Meghan Markle’s Movies and Series

Here is the list of some of the most remarkable movies and series Meghan Markle has been a part of.


Suits is undoubtedly the most famous show in the list of Meghan Markle’s movies and series. Suits is an American legal drama and has run successfully for 9 consecutive seasons. Meghan played the character of Rachel Zane in the show.

Rachel is a brilliant paralegal at Specter Litt and the daughter of the attorney, Robert Zane. She appeared from the very first season as a hard-working and brilliant paralegal who couldn’t clear her LSAT exams to become a lawyer. She becomes the love interest of Mike Ross from the very beginning. Rachel is the third person on the show, after Harvey and Donna, to know that Mike is a fraud. Though that does not stop her from pursuing her affair with Mike.

Rachel eventually clears her LSAT and confirms her position at Specter Litt even though she did not get into Harvard. She manages her position at the firm brilliantly and even works meticulously with Harvey on his cases. Rachel seems to have a great bond with every person in the firm, including Luis Litt and especially with Donna. She is also considered one of the most good looking women in the firm and many associates seem to have a crush on her.

Mike and Rachel tie knot in the seventh season of the show. Meghan Markle announced her retirement from Hollywood and thus Suits became the last show in the list of Meghan Markle’s movies and series. Her role ended after Suits season 7 as she leaves the firm and New York with Mike after her marriage.

The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down


Many of you would not remember but Meghan Markle’s movies and the series list also include the TV movie The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down. The movie is a comedy-drama and is about what the title says – a guide to help all the girls and boys who are going to ‘go down’ on someone. Meghan’s role is of Dana, who is Heather’s (the main lead) friend. Dana loves to sleep around but has insecurities of her own. She plays the character of a girl who speaks what comes to her mind.


Castle also makes it to the list of Meghan Markle’s movies and series. She appeared on the hit television series for one episode named ‘Once Upon a Crime’. Female victims were found dead dressed up in fairytale costumes. Meghan was one of the 3 victims but was the only one who survived the attack. But, it turns out in the end that Meghan was the killer and she was the one to dress up her friends and kill her.

Meghan Markle – The Outspoken Activist

Meghan Markle is a feminist, activist, and philanthropist. She was outspoken from a very early age and did not hesitate to call out the unjust in society. At a young age of 11, Meghan was given a project to assess messages conveyed by television advertisements. She found one advert by a dishwashing soap company quite offensive. It said that all women in the country face stubborn grease while cleaning dishes. The message did not sit well with the budding activist and she wrote a letter to the company.

She asked them to revaluate the message as it is gender stereotyping. She expressed that she was not comfortable with the gender roles that society assigns to men and women. Women are not the only ones to clean dishes and clothes and men are not the only ones to earn bread for the house. Her deep message at such a young age garnered a lot of appreciation and the company even changed their message in their new advertisements.

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