Michelle Yeoh On How Marvel’s Asian Superhero Movie ‘Shang-Chi’ Will Impact The World

We do not know if Michelle Yeoh is a aprt of Marvel’s new superhero movie ‘Shang-Chi’. We do not even know what character is she playing if she’s in the movie at all. That’s because Michelle Yeoh has strictly refused to disclose anything about it. However, she says that facts will be revealed when the time is right. And, we cannot wait for the right time.

Michelle Yeoh might not be able to confirm if she’s associated or a part of Shang-Chi, but she certainly can talk about its impact. Speaking about a Marvel’s superhero film, based entirely on Asian cast, is something Yeoh has been waiting for long. She says that it was time when Asians got that kind of recognition on a global platform. It will help them be seen and recognized more.

Michelle Yeoh

She says that it is a great move as people will now able to look at them beyond the stereotypes associated with them. They will no longer just be seen as characters flying from one roof to other. Or even characters dressed in period drama style.


Michelle Yeoh talked about ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and the impact it had globally. She said that it was great that people looked at it as a contemporary. She was happy that finally people could relate to them and understand them better. She hopes the same with Shang-Chi.

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