Michael Sterling Defending Wife Eva Marcille Is Husband Goals

michael sterling
michael sterling

Eva Marcille Sterling has risen to fame with America’s Next Top Model season 3. Eva got engaged to Michael Sterling in December 2017 and the couple tied the knot in 2018. Michael Sterling came into the limelight during a controversy that surrounded her wife in 2019. Eva Marcille is starring in Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Looking at the episodes, we know for sure that Eva did not have a smooth time in the series. The RHOA star has fought all her battles brilliantly but we love how Michael Sterling has always been on her side.

Eva Marcille RHOA Controversy

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During a discussion with Porsha Williams, Eva revealed that she did not feel very comfortable bringing her daughter to Kenya Moore’s daughter’s party. Porsha was quick enough to discuss this issue with Kenya and let us just say that Kenya did not like Eva’s attitude and felt insulted. Cynthia Bailey talked to Eva and told her about Porsha and Kenya’s discussion and Eva simply lost her calm. While expressing her frustration, Eva called them ‘nappy heads’. Eva was called out for that comment and it did not go well with the audience either.

Michael Sterling Defends Eva Marcille


The anti-black remark and Marcille’s further remarks on Porsha’s daughter stirred some pretty nasty fights between the women. Now, we all know that Michael Sterling and Eva Marcille are completely in love with each other. Looking at his wife having a hard time (although Eva handled it quite well), Michael decided to defend his wife’s honor.

Michael Sterling gave his two cents on the controversy via an Instagram video. He said that he’s a simple guy who does not understand the entertainment industry so well. So, maybe that’s why he cannot understand Porsha’s offensive behavior towards his wife. The Atlanta-based attorney and businessman mentioned that he has, on multiple occasions, helped the people who are now attacking his wife. The guesses are that he is talking about Porsha William’s on-and-off lover Dennis McKinley. He expressed that he feels agitated that the same people, whom he considered one of their own, are now changing sides in front of the cameras.

Audience Responds To Michael Sterling


While we know that Michael Sterling expressed his views to defend his wife’s integrity – and we totally respect it – it did not sit well with the audience. The viewers of the video commented that Michael Sterling should not get involved as this is a women’s fight. They also said that Eva Marcille has done her share of mistakes as well. Some of the comments read that the couple knew what they were getting themselves into by signing up with RHOA and hence, they should not complain now.

Well, in Michael’s defense, we can only say that the loving husband only asked his wife’s costars to address the good as well if they are addressing the bad. And honestly? It makes sense! The world can do a lot better with some little positivity out there.

Kevin McCall Slams Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille was in a relationship with the rapper Kevin McCall. They have a daughter together but after the couple’s separation, Eva has taken complete custody of her daughter. Kevin and Eva’s relationship had always been in the news for its toxic nature. Eva has claimed that she was a victim of domestic abuse during her relationship with Kevin. Kevin on the other hand has many legal charges against him.

After Michael Sterling defended his wife on Instagram, Kevin addressed him directly on an Instagram live. He said he respects his wife and has also gotten into fights for her. He said his reputation as a violent man is completely wrong. Kevin did all of this so he could seek an upper hand in the custody battle he’s fighting with Eva for their daughter, Marley Rae. Kevin has slammed Eva Marcille for using her husband for money.

Michael Sterling Responds

Michael Sterling is well aware of Kevin McCall’s reputation and he decided against responding to him directly. Though, Michael did upload a picture on Instagram of his wife with their three kids and wrote that she is an amazing mother and wife. The sweet gesture and support are all that a woman can ask for ladies!

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