First Lady Melania Trump’s Rivalry With Ivanka Trump – ‘Operation Block Ivanka’

Not just America, but the entire world knows that Melania Trump likes to keep her life private. She was not very happy with her role of First Lady initially for the reason that she feared she’ll lose her right to privacy. However, for the first time, Mrs. Trump’s personal life is becoming a topic of discussion in reference to her rivalry with Ivanka Trump.

The source is none other than Trump’s former adviser and friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. She is all set to release her memoir ‘Melania & Me’ that talks about Melania’s belittling behavior towards President Donald Trump and his children, especially Ivanka Trump. The references mentioned in the memoir are sourced by actual audiotapes recordings.

Ivanka Trump

Apparently, Melania Trump has never been fond of Ivanka Trump and tried her best to keep her off the pictures on the inauguration day. The attempts were called ‘Operation Block Ivanka’ as per Winston, and of course, she was a part of it.

Ivanka Trump, allegedly tried to take control of the East Wing that infuriated Melania Trump. However, Winston says that Ivanka never tried to ‘take over’ anything but just intended to change policies. Apparently, Ivanka called Melania Trump as ‘portrait’ because she never spoke on issues.

Melania Trump Allegedly Belittles President Trump & Ivanka Trump – Former Advisor To Releases Tapes — Sticky

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