Melania Trump at 50 Is One of the Most Controversial &Talked About First Ladies in the U.S.

Melania Trump celebrated her 50th birthday in April this year. The supermodel turned the first lady is one of the most talked-about first ladies of the USA whether she likes it or not. She has wanted to dodge media attention since the start but, that did not stop the critics to analyze her every move. People in the world also did not refrain themselves from comparing her to the former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Melina Trump has been in the news as much for controversies as she has made headlines with her style. Her piercing glare has grown on us and so has her sky-high stilettos. Melania Trump is not like any other former lady USA has ever seen. 

Melania Trump Was Born Outside America

Melania Trump was born in 1970 in Slovenia. Back then, the county she was born and grew up in was a part of Yugoslavia – a communist country. That makes her the first first lady to be born in a communist nation, however, she is the second first lady to be born outside of the USA. She moved to America in 1996 in search of better career opportunities. 

MelaniaTrump, after coming to America, learned different languages to open more gates of opportunity. Currently, the first lady is affluent in Italian, French, German, and Serbo-Croatian.

Melania Trump & Donald Trump

US president, Donald Trump, is infamous for allegedly making derogatory remarks and having multiple affairs. Melania Trump is the third wife of Donald Trump after Marla Maples and Ivana Trump. They met at a party and it was Melania who found out his number and made the first approach. The couple married in 2005 and Melania became a citizen of the U.S.A.

Melania Trump has a son with Donald Trump, Barron Trump. Barron was born in March 2006 and he moved to the White House with his mother in 2017. Melania is the only first lady to not have hired any nanny for her child. She did even move to the White House immediately because she wanted Barron to first complete his schooling. 

Melania Trump Is Media Shy

We can say Melania Trump does not like the attention of the media and we have a lot of evidence for the same. Apparently, she was extremely unhappy when her husband became the president of America. She liked her freedom that now seems snatched away because of her first lady’s responsibilities. Her relationship with Donald Trump has also been scrutinized more times than needed.

She refuses to hold the hands of her husband and even swats away his hand when offered (even in public). 

Melania Trump Controversies

Melania Trump has been in controversies for a lot of reasons. It all started when she was alleged of plagiarizing the former first lady, Michelle Obama’s speech. Michelle Obama delivered an inspiring speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. People couldn’t help notice the similarities in Melania’s Republic National Convention speech that she delivered in 2016.

Melania has also been in controversies due to her expensive taste and dressing. Her branded jackets and shirts that are ridiculously pricey have garnered disapproval from the critics a lot of times. After all, half the population does not even earn near to what she spends on clothing!

One of the biggest controversies that Melania Trump faces is that she has a body double! There have been too many claims suggesting that Melania Trump uses a body double. The fact that she has a secret service bodyguard that looks exactly like her does not help the situation either. Whatever be the truth, the fact that Melania Trump is unlike any other former first ladies remains strong.

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