Married At First Sight Season 10 Star, Mindy Shiben, Opens Up About Zach & Their Divorce

Mindy Shiben is better known among her fans for her appearance in Married At First Sight Season 10. She appeared on the show and won several hearts but sadly, her former partner couldn’t win hers. We are talking about Zach Justice. In the show, the stars got together and married each other. From the start, there were hesitance and speculations, mostly because both the people had very different personalities.

 But, the matchmakers on the show believed that it would great for both of them. However, that did not turn out to be true and the stars separated soon after. Mindy Shiben posted her divorce announcement on Instagram and later while talking to her fans on Reddit, opened up about her experience on the show and Zach Justice in detail.

About Married at First Sight

Hollywood is full of reality series and it has slowly become our guilty pleasure. From shows like Real Housewives Franchise to The Bachelorette, there is no end to this obsession. Joining the list of such addictive shows is ‘Married at First Sight’. The show takes drama, romance, and relationship to a whole new level. The show is not just about dating or pursuing but about marriage. 

The contestants enter the show and grouped as a couple with the help of the show’s in-house matchmakers. The couples then agree to get married and start their journey of married life in front of the camera. After getting married, the couple goes on a honeymoon. After returning, they spend 8 weeks together as married couples. Then they finally decide whether they want to continue their marriage or put an end to it and seek divorce.

For Mindy and Zach, the decision was to mutually separate. However, the fans who watched the show decided that the entire event was unfair to Mindy Shiben. The way she handled herself, Zach, and their relationship on the show were commendable. The audience loved Mindy throughout and wondered what Mindy had to say about her marriage and Zach’s commitment issue. Lucky for them, Mindy opened up.

Mindy Shiben Speaks

Mindy and Zach were a match by the relationship experts on the show but everyone around, including Mindy and Zach, was seeing red flags clearly. The first red flag was Zach and his baseless accusations towards Mindy Shiben.

Zach Justice refused to move in with his ex-wife, Mindy Shiben and called her unattractive. The abandonment and commitment issues were already running very deep when Zach decided to hit a new low by accusing Mindy of dishonesty.

mindy shiben
mindy shiben

Well honestly, people were from the start Team Mindy, so they knew the allegations were a complete lie. There was no such thing that Mindy Shiben did that could have been called dishonest and even Zach knew it.

Hence, he was not able to produce any truth. The next blow that came in their relationship was Zach’s over friendliness with Lindsay, Mindy’s friend.

When Mindy confronted Zach regarding his unfaithfulness, Zach clearly denied the allegations and said that there was nothing inappropriate going on between him and Lindsay. Well, to put it out bluntly – Zach was lying. And he was doing it to protect his image and that of Lindsay. And guys, just for the record, that’s not how friendship works!

As for Lindsay, she has not come clean yet. According to Mindy, Lindsay has yet to confess her relationship and its extent with Zach but for now, she has only been boasting about their closeness in front of all the mutual friends. Mindy also added that Lindsay was definitely trying to push Zach away from her and maybe that was out of jealousy. 

Zach Justice Responds

Zach expressed that the entire scenario was not his scene (wonder why he entered the show in the first place). He said that he did not believe in the institution of marriage and spending his life with one woman who was ‘chosen’ for him by a third party did not make any sense. He is currently allegedly dating Katie, a crew member of the show. As far as marriage is concerned, Zach thinks he is not ready but he might give it a try when he finds the right woman.

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