Mariah Carey Recalls Her ‘Extremely Uncomfortable’ Moment with Ellen in 2008

It is totally understandable if a soon-to-be-mother does not wish to discuss her pregnancy with the world and wants to keep it private. Mariah Carey was the same in 2008 with her newly discovered pregnancy and the wish to keep the inside deets to herself. However, Ellen was not having any of it.

Mariah recalls the extreme discomfort she felt when she was at the ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. Ellen kept badgering Mariah to reveal if she was actually pregnant. In fact, she kept asking her to drink champagne to prove if she was not. Carey was completely out of her comfort zone and kept saying that Ellen is unbelievable.

She said that it’s peer pressure when Ellen kept pressuring her to drink the champagne. When Ellen asked Mariah to toast on her not being pregnant, Mariah was utterly shocked. Finally, Mariah concluded that it was too early to drink to which Ellen confirmed her pregnancy.

Mariah, while promoting her new memoir, ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’, said that the moment was very uncomfortable. She had gone through a miscarriage earlier and miscarried that pregnancy as well. Needless to say, she wanted to stay private about it. Mariah, referring to the allegations on Ellen by her staff for toxic environment said that she didn’t wish to add fuel to anything but, she was highly uncomfortable.

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