Maren Morris Reveals That She Felt Depressed After C-Section In 2020

Postnatal depression is very common among mothers but is not something that’s generally talked about. Maren Morris reveals that she might not have through postnatal depression necessarily, but certainly felt lonely and alone. It was because of the C-section she had to endure during her childbirth.

Maren Morris was 30 hours in labor but, had initially planned for a normal delivery. However, after hours under the labor, she stopped contracting. Withholding the baby inside could have been dangerous for her and the baby. So, as per the doctors suggestions, Maren went through a Caesarean.

Maren Morris

She welcomes her son, Hayes, in March 2020. However, Maren Morris says that the after-effects of C-section is quite brutal. It took her days to fully recover from the delivery. She couldn’t move and had to take help of her husband, Ryan Hurd.

Taking care of a newborn baby is a bog responsibility. And, it can become extremely stressful if you aren’t able to even move on your own. Maren Morris was dependent on her husband for even small tasks like going to the bathroom. However, it has been four months since Hayes’ birth and Morris feels much better now. We wish the courageous mother a speedy recovery.

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