Madison Beer Reveals She Is Now Officially 1 Year Clean of Self-Harm

Madison Beer shared a very personal and emotional news with her fans. Madison announced on social media that she is now one year clean of self-harm. She added that she never thought that she’s be able to say it. But, as she’s here now, she feels proud of her journey.

The 21-year-old singer posted a screenshot of her calendar. She informed her fans that this day marks the official one year anniversary since she’s clean of self-harm. She says that every individual who are struggling and have been clean, for a day or year, are doing great.

Madison Beer

Madison Beer also shared a photo of a rose bouquet, sent to her by her close friend. It read that her friend is extremely proud of Madison Beer’s journey. The note was signed LB that goes by the username @lenafultz on Instagram. Madison Beer called LB her guardian angel and thanked for always being there.

Madison Beer informed that for years, she hid her struggle from the world. Not only she hid signs of self-harm, but also the emotional unhappiness. She asks people to be more empathetic towards others and help those who they feel are struggling from within. We are glad and proud that Madsion Beer is out of her dark place and doing well mentally and emotionally!

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