Lisa Rinna Is Having A Tough Time with Scary Nightmares At Home

Lisa Rinna is facing an extremely tough situation for almost a year now. It involves her backyard, a pole, and that’s it. The problem is that huge pole in Lisa’s backyard that she has been trying to get rid off since one complete year. However, as Lisa says, getting the work done is not child’s game.

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star said that it’s not as easy as snapping fingers together to make the pole disappear. The fans have kept badgering her about the pole that disrupts many of her pictures’ background. Not to forget, it also disturbs the aesthetics of her house.

Lisa Rinna says that she needs to do a lot of ‘manigulating’ to get that pole out of her backyard. For people wondering what manigulating is, it’s an extremely tough and intensive process Lisa Rinna has to go through.To remove the pole, she has to get in touch with different people and different departments.

Lisa Rinna

Obviously, it cannot happen overnight. She has to communicate with the phone company, power company and more. In other words, getting rid of that ugly pole is a multilayered nightmare for Lisa Rinna. However, the star assures that it will be gone soon.

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