Lisa Kudrow Shared A Great Family News – Jennifer Aniston Shows Support

Lisa Kudrow, the iconic show ‘Friends’ fame, is extremely private about her life. Yes, she is on social media since a while now but, she likes to maintain her secrecy. So, it was a quite a pleasant surprise when she shared the news that her cousin, Ellen Meister, has written a book, ‘Love Sold Separately’.

Lisa, if we daresay, globally known as Phoebe Buffay, shared a post on her Instagram account almost a week ago. She updated the picture of Ellen’s book cover and wrote that it’s a fun and breezy read. She mentioned that it is even more exciting for her because the author is her cousin. She went ahead and tagged Ellen in it.

Lisa’s fan were pretty excited hearing the news. So was her former co-star and friend, Jennifer Aniston. She was the first few people to like the post graciously. A lot of users commented that they are surely going to read the book or at least check it out soon.

Lisa has been maintaining even lower profile socially during the ongoing pandemic. However, she brightened the moods of her fans by joining Jennifer in the virtual ‘Friends’ Q&A video. The duo even spoke about their MUCH-AWAITED reunion that almost the entire world is waiting for. Seems like it has been postponed too because of the pandemic.

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