Lili Reinhart Feels Like A Prisoner Filming During COVID-19

‘Riverdale’ halted its shoot during March 2020, because of the outbreak of the pandemic. However, the filming resumes now in Canada with all precautions and safety measures intact. However, Lili Reinhart, ‘Riverdale’s’ Becky, is not feeling so good about it at all! She feels like she’s being kept as prisoners for the shoot.

The production stopped during season 4 and now, the cast has to complete the season as well as start season 5 as well. The time they spend in Canada under strict guidelines. The cast and crew have to stay at their location until Christmas. They neither can leave not can entertain guests without them quarantining for 14 days!

Lili does not like that at all. She says that it feels as if she’s trapped. She’s neither can visit home for thanksgiving nor leave Canada when she wants. She cannot even meet people she wants to immediately. Moreover, Reinhart explains that they have to resume shooting from the prom scene.

That concerns her because she believes that she has gained weight and gotten tanned during the pandemic. If the dress doesn’t fit, that’s another concern altogether. She is also agitated about the fact that she can’t start working on any new project till the time she’s in Canada! Her new movie, ‘Chemical Heart’, is streaming on Amazon Prime Video already.

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