LeBron James Buys $36M Beverly Hills Mansion From ‘The Young & The Restless’ Creator

LeBron James has just emptied his pockets and is now $36-million-poor but a entire Beverly Hills-mansion-rich! James has bought the grand and expansive mansion located in the very posh Beverly Hills from Lee Phillip Bell. Bell is somewhat a royalty when it comes to daily soap. She is better known for co-creating the iconic daily soaps ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘The Young & The Restless’.

Bell, 91, had passed away earlier this year and her property was listed under Hilton and Hyland. Richard Hilton and Jeff Hyland had put the mansion on the market for $39 million initially to let the rich people discover and fight for the beauty. Lucky for James, he swooped right in!

LeBron James is already the owner of two massive estates in Brentwood. However, he could not stay away from the beautiful Beverly Hills property and paid $36.75 million for the same. Interesting to note that the basketball player has just signed a $37 million deal with NBA and another big contract with Warner Brothers.

James’ new property is spread across 9,100 square feet and has addition guest rooms. However, he won’t be able to move in just yet as he still has NBA finals to play in Orlando. Well, we wish the new house brings all good luck and proves to be the best place for the shining trophy!

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