Lea Michele Shares The 1st Photo of Her Baby Boy

Lea Michele and Zandy Reich are one of the happiest couples right now as they have just welcomed their baby boy in the world. The couple gave birth to their adorable son on August 20, 2020, and announced that both, baby and mama are in pink of health.

Lea Michele has now shared the first ever photograph of her son, Ever Leo, on Instagram. The picture does not reveal the face of the baby but is still one of the cutest pictures you’ll ever see. The picture shows little Leo’s feet held gently by his loving parents. The snap is clicked beautifully and is in black and white.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele has stepped into such a beautiful phase of her life just sometime after being accused by Samantha Ware. Samantha Ware is the co-star of Lea’s and they worked together on ‘Glee’. Samantha brutally accused Lea for making her life a living hell while they worked together.


Lea Michele issued an open apology by saying that she’s going to be a mother very soon and would like to be the perfect role model for her child. Hence, if she has committed any mistake, she is genuinely apologetic about it and will try to improve in the future.

Lea Michele & Zandy Reich Welcome Their 1st Baby Boy

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