Lala Kent & Randall Emmett Shares Their Baby Plans For The Future

Love, marriage, and then… baby? Well, that seems like the case most of the time. Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have something similar in mind as well. They fell in madly in love and still are. Now, they have all the intentions to get married as soon as possible and holding out because of the ongoing pandemic.

However, Lala Kent and Randall are totally up for expanding their family. They are already on applications that help them make the dates easier to remember. And, they are trying to get pregnant as well. Along with starting their own family, they are also close knitted with their Randall’s children from his former marriage.

Lala Kent

Randall explains that Lala Kent is really the boss in the relationship. She is all cool and happening but as soon as her ovulation period starts, she wants control. Randall says that he strictly has to stay with her while she’s ovulating and help her get them pregnant!

Talking about their marriage, Randall says that they were expecting the marriage to be delayed by a month or two. But soon it’s now September and Lala Kent said that they need to postpone the wedding. Randall wanted the wedding to be done privately, but Kent insisted that it should be done in the right way only.

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